Education Restart Wellbeing Fund

Soon Schools will be receiving their share of the “Education Restart Wellbeing Fund” which has been provided by the Department for Education to help support the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people.

At Thrive Academy we are passionate about the wellbeing of children and young people and have used our extensive research in this area to provide the following bespoke training for pupils and teachers. These options meet the guidance set our by the Education Authority for this fund* and are delivered in a COVID-safe manner.

For Pupils:

  • Our Student Masterclasses are designed for groups of children and young people who use social media. Recent research findings are explained including ways in which using social media can impact mental health such as low self-esteem, poor body image and sleep. Measures that students can take to increase resilience including self-regulation, switching off at night and kindness online are explored. Our use of thinking skills techniques and interaction keep the students engaged throughout.
  • You can book one lesson, a half day or a full day with us and we can work with your school timetable to facilitate lessons on digital resilience.

For Teachers:

  • Our professional Teacher Training explores the impact that social media can have on the wellbeing of young people. We explain recent research findings and consider ways in which the school can nurture wellbeing and promote positive social media use.
  • We can facilitate training for staff development days, twilight sessions, baker days or staff meetings.


We are now taking bookings for 2021. To find out more, email or find us on Facebook.

Here is what others have to say about Thrive Academy:

“Social media can have positive & very negative impacts on children. It’s great that Thrive Academy are offering support for schools in building Digital Resilience for our children.”

(Peter Weir MLA, Education Minister)

“A very worthwhile lesson to pupils! The activities fitted in very well especially with COVID restrictions where they can’t move about in the room”

(Miss Bell, Senior Teacher, Down High School).

“I really enjoyed it, it was very informative and interesting”

(Erin, Year 10 pupil)

* Guidance from the Education Authority states that schools can use the money to pay for guest speakers from external organisations to provide  training to enhance the knowledge and skills of staff, children and young people in relation to wellbeing.

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Getting Prepared for Digital Resilience

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