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Student Masterclasses

Thrive Academy student masterclasses are designed for groups of young people who use social media and can be adjusted for any age group. Recent research findings will be explained including ways in which using social media can impact mental health such as low self-esteem, poor body image and sleep. Measures that students can take to increase resilience including self-regulation, switching off at night and kindness online will be explored.

Using thinking skills techniques and interactive elements will keep the students engaged throughout. If you are interested in organising a masterclass for children or young people either online or in person, then please get in touch.

Parent Workshops

Thrive Academy offers workshops for parents of children who own a mobile phone or will be using one in the near future. The aim of the workshops are to explain the relationship between social media use and mental wellbeing.

The workshop will explore ways in which boundaries can be put in place to encourage positive mobile phone use and limit the negative impact it can have. It will be informal and practical with the opportunity to ask questions. If you would be interested in attending or organising a Parent Workshop either online or in person, please get in touch.

Teacher & Youth Leader Training

Thrive Academy offers training for teachers and youth leaders who would like to know more about the impact that social media can have on the wellbeing of young people. The training explains recent research findings and participants will explore ways in which the school or organisation can encourage positive social media use and work to promote positive mental health. The training will consider cultivating a kindness culture and the benefits of digital resilience lessons.

If you would be interested in attending or organising a Thrive Academy Teacher & Youth Leader Training event either online or in person then please get in touch.


Getting Prepared for Digital Resilience

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