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Masterclasses piloted at Down High School

On Tuesday 22nd September, Thrive Academy successfully road tested its brand-new digital resilience masterclasses with 75 Year 10 pupils in three classes at Down High School, Downpatrick.

This is what the pupils had to say about the experience: –

  • “The best part was discussing as a class about social media” (Sera)
  • “I really enjoyed it, it was very informative and interesting” (Erin)
  • “The best part was learning about fake things on social media” (Rebekah)
  • “Thanks for the talk, it was fun” (Ben)
  • “I think the best part was the interactive learning” (Andrew)

This is what their teachers thought about the masterclasses: –

  • “A very worthwhile lesson to pupils! The activities fitted in very well especially with COVID restrictions where they can’t move about in the room”.
  • “Great thought-provoking questions. The content was perfect for Year 10 pupils. Their engagement showed that the content and activities were very appropriate. Year 10 are probably very busy on social media so a good age to ask them questions about their usage”.
  • “Pupils were engaged and participated well. Facilitator asked good questions and listened to pupils’ responses”.

Huge thanks to the staff and pupils at this fantastic school, hope to visit again soon!

Now that these lessons have been proven to be a success, we are ready to roll them out them to more Year 10 pupils. If you would like Thrive Academy to visit your school, then please contact us.


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